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Pakistan Youngest IT Professional Babar Iqball Awarded by Pakistan Presedent

18 December 2009


Babar Iqbal is world’s youngest IT Profeesional wireless network Administrator. Pakistan Presedent Asif Ali Zardari Invited Babar Iqbal to Aiwan-e-Sadar to award him the big cash prize of Rs: 5 Million for his achievement on cyber.  This youngster is in the 4th of the world record in Information Technology & Computer field. In that ceremony […]

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Add Money into PayPal in pakistan

13 December 2009


Hello I’m Muhammad Farooq AirStair Hosting Inc, Administrator. I’m now starting a session here you can convert your cash into PayPal Account.  Most of Time Pakistanis want to purchase something online & they need PAYPAL account. PayPal can’t support in Pakistan and you can’t use PayPal if you are from Pakistan. Most of Pakistani PayPal […]

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Why Professionals Can’t Do Blogging…?

12 December 2009


The thing I want to give you is thought, that blogging community in this world is dominated by youngsters and students. Most of blogs for money earning, or those filled with reviews, news, philosophies, information, documentaries on various topics ranging fromsports to politics. Today, instead of writing something, I want you to share your thoughts, […]

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