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Cheap Price Google Play Store Cards in Bahrain

17 November 2014

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  We have the cheapest price Google Play store cards available in a stock. It is very hard to find Google Play store cards in Bahrain & even if you find you will get on very high prices. Here is the best prices for Google cards in Bahrain. Google Play Store Card Prices in Bahrain […]

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iPad Air 2 in Bahrain Prices

16 November 2014


  As we have disccussed in our earlier post that iPad Air Expected in Bahrain. Now one month is passed and iPad Air 2 is arrived in Bahrain. The Main four new features of iPad Air 2. 1. 18% thinner then the older model 2. More Faster (Faster then iPhone 6) 3. Finger print sensor 4. […]

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