Are you Using Secure Browsing? Is your Facebook is Hack Proof?

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Give a quick look at your Address Bar Url. If it is like or then you’re not using secure facebook, Your account may on risk to get hacked by any stupid kid.

Recently Facebook has made yet another option available to increase the security flow of your Facebook account without any notice.

Facebok has enabled Secure Browsing. This allows you to use the more secure https protocol for Browsing Facebook.

This is what most cart, banking, financial institutions use when you visit their pages. Now Facebook provide you the same secure browsing environment.

How to turn on Secure Browing (https)?

Secure browsing is not turned on by default when made available to your account.

You might check to see that is available for your account and then turn it on.

Check to see that Secure Browsing (https) is available

  • Visit your Account Settings (on top right of page, Account -> Account Settings)
  • Under My Account, ensure the Settings tab is selected.
  • Scroll down to Account Security.
  • Click change to expand the Account Security options.
  • Does it say “Set up secure browsing (https) and login alerts.”? If so you have https protocol available.

Account Security, Secure Browsing (https)

Turn on Secure Browsing (https)

  • Tick “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”
  • Click Save.

You’re done! Your Facebook account will now use secure browsing using the https protocol whenever it’s available.

Confirm your Facebook profile is using Secure Browsing (https) within your current browser

  • Visit
  • Look at the address bar of your Internet Browser.
  • Check to see if the ‘https://’ is at the start of the url.

If so then the https protocol is being used. Yeah!




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