Attack on Apple: iPad has been hacked and iphone OS 4.0 is near to Jailbreak

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Apple Inc is an American based multinational company famous for manufacturing and designing of electronics, computer software and hardware (personal computers). iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch  are the best hardware products, widely use now a days. Recently company is under attacks.

There are some limitations imposed by Apples on use of iphone and iPad that is applications run on theses devices must be from App the jailbreaking is process that allows user of theses devices to run any code on it i.e. hacking of theses devices to free it from restrictions. Through this process user  can install software on his  computer and then can shift to his iPhone or iPad, .user break  file system as a result it allows user to update file.

iPad one of the  famous product, has been now hacked by the infamous iPhone hacker George Hotz (aka Geohot ) Through his tweet  posted today 10 April 2010  he showed verbose mode running on his iPad. Apple Inc announced iPad on January 27, 2010 which is like the tablet computer and lies between Smartphone and the laptop computer. The functionality of ipad is similar to iphones and iPod Touch. Modified version of OSX or iphone OS (default OS of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch , developed by Apple inc  )is designed for iPad with redesigned user interface, 16 to 64 GB of flash memory. Hacker Geohot jailbreaks iPad now the world is waiting for tools through which they can jailbreak their iPads.

Apple announced next generation OS for iPhone i.e. OS 4.0 on 8 April 2010. It brings 100 new features. With advance feature of multitasking apple’s representative said that user can run 12 applications simultaneously and cover 1500 new APIs for both users and developers. But on next day one of the iPhone hacker confirmed that it is easy to jailbreak iiPhone OS 4.0.



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  1. zaheer says:

    I’m waiting for the new version to jail breake the ipad os 4.0

  2. anuj says:

    i am also facing same problem

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