Bahrain Telecom Industry’s Revenue Increase 6.5% in 2010

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Internet, Mobiles, TRA

Bahrain Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced its annual report regarding 2010 activities & achievements. In that official Report Telecom Industry in Bahrain got an incredible growth in the year of 2010.
In the Year of 2010 Telecom Sector increase 11% in mobile telephny & 27% in BroadBand.

Dr Mohammed A. Al Amer, Chairman, TRA Bahrain,










TRA’s Chairman Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Amer said in a statement.

“In 2010 we have reached a very significant milestone in our journey as a regulator as we can now say that parts of our telecommunications market are fully competitive. Consumers, investors in the sector and the national economy are all beginning to experience the many benefits this brings,” TRA’s Chairman Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Amer in a statement, said.

“TRA continues to receive international recognition regarding its approach to the regulation of the Kingdom’s telecommunications sector,” he said.
“Our commitment is to achieve an open access model and the transparency with which decisions are reached gives clear direction and confidence to both operators and investors in the market. It has resulted in continuing inward investment in the Kingdom, not least in the third mobile network operated by Viva that launched its services in March 2010. We now have a highly competitive mobile market, comparable to the best in the world, delivering choice, lower prices and diversity of services for the consumer,” Al Amer added.
“2010 witnessed a 6.5% growth in revenues of the telecommunications sector, an 11% increase in mobile subscribers and a 27% increase in broadband subscribers. These continued positive growth trends where supported by decreasing prices for broadband services accompanied by the launch of the third mobile operator and the introduction of faster broadband services. These represent key measures of the success of the Kingdom’s regulatory policy,” he explained.
“In an increasingly competitive market, well-informed consumers are not only better aware of the range of services available but are also able to make the right choices for their individual needs. Those choices continued to grow, particularly boosted by the launch of Mobile Number Portability and the increase of competition between licensed operators,” TRA’s General Director Mohamed Bubshait, said.
“We will continue to be open and transparent, and adhere to international best practice in all we do. We are confident that the telecommunications sector is enhancing the life for residents as well as businesses and economic growth to progress towards realising the objectives of the Kingdom’s 2030 Economic Vision,” Bubshait, added.



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