Bahrain Telecoms no more offering unlimited

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Have you seen anything advertised unlimited these days by Bahrain Telecom companies? Definitely its a big NO! Because all the telecom companies had an agreement and all of them are agree to offer limited packages to consumers.

By this agreement Zain, Batelco & Viva they are all agree on charging minimum 1.5 BD a week or 6 BD a month. There are different parameters sets for number of on net and off net calls and data.

Who losses?

Since viva launched in Bahrain all the telecom companies faced a very tough competition, Specially viva offering unlimited on-net calls. Zain & Batelco loosed thousands of customer due to viva aggressive offer, So Zain & Batelco started offering better then zain. In this promotional war the end users were taking full benefits & enjoyed free on-net calls & unlimited fast internet.

During this promotional War, all telecoms realized the consumers are wining, So all of them came to one table and decided not to offer anything unlimited to all the new subscribers.

Who Won?

If you have subscribed for any unlimited package and continue to renew the same you are the winner, as they had made an agreement with you to provide you unlimited on-net calls or data.


DO NOOOOOOOOOOT cancel your current package which you’re using and never ever go for the new contract specially long term, let say for 1 or 2 years, As sooner of later 1 of the telecom company gonna break the contract and then other will offer better then the other and the war will start.

If you are going to get the new post paid connection or internet, choose the package without contract.

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