Bahrain World First Country in a world to sign a Memorandum of Understanding – Internet Child Safety

Written by Wafa Mohammed

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Bahrain yesterday became the first country in the world to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to promote safety for children who use the net. The agreement with the Kingdom’s nine ISPs came on the concluding day of an online safety conference held at the Ritz-Carlton.

Chairman of the Bahrain Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) Dr. Mohammed Al Amer, who signed the agreement with the ISPs, said Internet in the Kingdom would be safer to use as a result. “The safety of children is a fundamental responsibility of any society and the TRA took a giant step forward by signing the MoU which in fact set a new benchmark,” Dr. Al Amer told the Bahrain Tribune after the signing ceremony. Keeping with the importance of safe Internet, he said, the TRA brought together all the stakeholders from the public and private sectors to discuss the gravity of the issue and its implications on the socio-economic development of the country.

“As new technologies become increasingly important and more widely used by all members and segments of society, so too is the importance of adequately protecting children from threats that might emerge through the misuse of the Internet,” he added. With the signing of the MoU, ISPs in Bahrain have committed themselves to implementing strategies aimed at promoting the safety of children and young adults who use Internet services.

The ISPs, Dr. Al Amer said, will cover seven different areas as per the agreement which includes communicating with each other, with the TRA and with all relevant government bodies when a party to this MoU detects a website or internet practice that poses a potential risk to the safety of children and young adults. ISPs will also liaise and assist all relevant Government bodies in the lawful investigation and prosecution of persons who commit crimes against children through the use of the Internet.

The ISPs will also provide educational material of any relevant protection and control mechanisms for each subscriber (or end-user) on a regular basis regarding child safety and the Internet.

They will also Endeavour to suggest technical means to subscribers to enhance their security online.



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