Batelco Customer Care center Agents are sleeping in Ramadan

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Today Morning I call to Batelco Customer Care Center at 196, then I go for BroadBand service, there was a Bahraini girl said hello! Slowly. I Asked her about their broadband internet conection. She was talk with me very rudely sounds like I’m disturbing her J. She told me to wait and then she asked do you have landline I replied no I want new landline for broadband home. She replied if you dotn have landline then you’re unable to get Batelco Broadband home. Okey :D. Then I ask for Landline I need landline connection. She said go to Batelco Branch we’re not giving Landline here on customer care. Afterward I asked about Batelco Laptop Service on Installment. She replied No we don’t have. That time their website was open here in my laptop I asked her to check again there is something lying in your web. Then she told me we have Dell, Compaq, HP & Fujitsu Laptops Now finished thank you for calling Batelco. I said stop tell me more about Installments requirements etc. After 5 minute hold she replied “tell now what wrong with you what’s your problem”. Huh what the hell she is too much angry may be didn’t sleep last night. I replied her politely that I need to know about your dell laptops. She was going to tell me about laptop then suddenly she said no you have to go Batelco outlet for more information Bye. After saying she didn’t end the call for 15 minute and after 15 minute wait I closed the call.

So that is Bahrain No.1 Leading Telecom company customer support. Before many times I call to Batelco their call agents also did the same or their common tragedy is to tell that call our business line phone for more information and business number is available only on official timing and the operators there in Business Landline number they also tell you to visit Batelco outlet;). Their Tune is always rudely and after asking any un logical question they’ll anger on you, So be aware don’t ask anything which will cause you listen his anger. You must have also similar experience I hope so. Even I tried to other Small Business companies there is not trained peoples on telephone calls and also their calls are not recorded but still they have awesome service as compare to Batelco Customer Care. They have a nice Brand in Bahrain they must need to provide a quality support. If Batelco can’t handle and unable to provide support. Then better they should outsource their support because these companies will do their best on the way.

If you have similar experience with Batelco customer care agents. Feel free to say in comment box!



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  1. sarath sp says:


    I’m writing this message with great disappointment and agony caused by the irresponsible services from your Batelco. My name is Sarath SP and I’ve been a customer of yours under the sim sim turbo plan.

    From Nov 7,(Complaint ID- 3315259) I’ve been trying to make international calls, however either the network may be down or may be due to some other reasons, the calls were not going through. As I am a foreigner staying away from loved one’s and working hard for improving the countries economy and trying to build a better life for me and my loves one’s, the separation of my loved one’s caused by their unreliable services and network left me desperate and in great agony. I’ve been contacting their customer service for many days and all the answers I receive from them was like “we will forward your complaint” or something like that. Until now I have not received a single message or confirmation from their side saying that the problem is solved.

    Today (Nov 17-Tuesday) I spoke to one of their customer care executive and followed up the complaint, and now the LOCAL CALLS were not going through. But they didn’t forget to renew my plan and deduct my balance, such an irresponsible service. Making calls and going to their office is also consuming time.

    Worst service ..

  2. Bobby Walker says:

    This seems to be standard Batelco. I’ve been waiting for over 6 months for a phone line and home internet. I’ve followed up by phone around 20 times and in person more than 10 times. Every time they have not even been able to give a reason; just stating that they will call me back. Not once have they ever called me back or responded to the complaints that I’ve emailed to them.

    I now consider myself lucky that I didn’t get into a contract with them. Unfortunately they are currently the only company who provide fiber internet.

  3. Romald says:

    Batelco customer service agents are lazy and sleeping all the time.
    Have you’ll ever checked your auto service messages? They switch to Hindi, Arabic and all shit that I am unable to understand. You have taken your customers for granted. Shit on you guys…

  4. herman says:

    I am unable to call international numbers from land and mobile numbers. Bills are paid ITS MY COMPANY NUMBERS.
    Batelco replies, wait for 3-5 days, maybe it will work again.
    They expect a company to close for these days??????????
    They all blame others, never from their side. This is 1 of the reasons why hard working people leave Bahrain, They get fed up with non performance. To often When I complain about things like poor performance like this I am told, “its not your country”. Perhaps all expats should leave Bahrain for a year or so.

  5. Hans says:

    Hi there, after reading this remarkable piece of writing i am too glad
    to share my experience here with colleagues.

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