Batelco Sim Sim 0-Net offer free Device on Facebook

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Batelco

Recently Batelco Sim Sim 0-Net offered a Free 0-Net Device on Facebook, which was announced to peopled by Batelco official Facebook Page, Batelco will give these 500 Devices to First 500 people who tagged SimSim O-Net with SimSim O-Net profile. SimSim O-Net Device cost 30 Bahraini Dinar.

How to Get SimSim O-Net Free:-

1)                  Search “SimSim O-Net” on Facebook using Facebook Search option.

2)                  Add SimSim O-Net into your friend list, your add request will be approved after 1 to 24 by Facebook auto add application.

3)                  Capture your photo with SimSim O-Net Cartoon, you can make picture with sim sim O-Net like posing, talking, fighting, kissing, hugging anything else..

4)                  Upload photo into your Photo Album on Facebook.

5)                  Tag that photo with SimSim O-Net using Facebook Tag Feature (Open your & SimSim O-Net photo then click on Tag this then click on photo & Select SimSim oO-Net from your friend list and you are done).

When I will get SimSim O-Net Device?

Soon Batelco will announce 500 winner & alert all of them by sending message on their Facebook inbox.

From where I collect SimSim O-Net Device?

All you need to get that device is print your inbox message which was sent by SimSim O-Net along with your valid CPR copy, then go to any nearest outlet of Batelco Telecommunication Bahrain and collect your Batelco SimSim O-Net.

We have also captured a picture with Batelco SimSim O-Net & our photo is selected in the 20 collect group, I checked when I tagged my photo there were only 11 users whom tagged their pictures along with simsim o-net cartoon, so I waz the No 12th but SimSim O-Net Denied because it was edited in Photoshop and they wanted real pictures captured with SimSim O-Net as I got that message I  captured an another cool picture of mine  along with sim sim o-net & Alhamdulillah my photo with sim sim 0-Net was selected in the group of 20 coolest tags video..



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