Batelco Increased Call rates to India & Bangladesh on SimSim & 123 Card Tariff

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Yesterday Batelco Telecom applied the new Rates to SimSim & 123 cards on the order of TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) to maintain the international call rates respect but on the other hand VIVA telecom and zain are offering 90% discount on international call rates which rates are almost same as Batelco SimSim & 123 calling card. But TRA only ordered Batelco to increase its rate tariff may be there was some reason behind it or TRA trying to give a chance to every company to give lowest call offer and to decrease the competition between Telecom companies. But as Batelco CEO Gert Rieder statement he is totally disappointed with TRA decision but still respecting TRA order and increased the international call rates prices on both cards & informed their subscribers by sending bulk sms.

New rates for India

IDD 25 fils per minute.

26 fils per minute using 123 card on SimSim.

21 fils per minute using fixed Batelco line on 123 card.

New rates for Bangladesh

IDD 32 fils per minute.

32 fils per minute on 123 calling card using simsim.

27 fils per minute using Batelco Fixed line.

Batelco CEO said the following

“Batelco always abides by the laws of the Kingdom of
Bahrain and the directives laid out for the regulation of telecom-
munications in Bahrain as set by the TRA.”
“Batelco as the most strictly regulated telecommunications
provider in Bahrain adheres to the TRA’s stringent approval pro-
cedures for its products and services and only introduces new or
enhanced products, services and prices once all obligations to
the TRA are met,” added Rieder.
“Batelco will urgently seek further consultation with the
TRA to better understand its interpretation of regulatory and
competition policy as it applies to lower prices in Bahrain,”
he added.
“We are determined to ensure that all our customers in
Bahrain enjoy better prices and we improve competition in the
industry. Whilst GCC regulators welcome lower prices from all
operators in their markets, we need to understand why Batelco
is being restricted in offering lower prices for IDD or better
value for broadband services in Bahrain.”
“We apologise unreservedly to all our customers who call
India and Bangladesh, either via SimSim IDD or via 123Call
Cards, for any inconvenience – regrettably the issue is complete-
ly out of Batelco’s control. Notwithstanding, we are working
tirelessly to resolve the matter in consultation with the TRA to
ensure the validity of this order, which we believe will greatly
inconvenience the thousands of Batelco’s customers who are in
possession of our International Call Cards or SimSim mobiles
and may have remaining credit outstanding,” said Rieder.

I think all this is hapening due to TRA because TRA planning to give chance each telecom company to earn & can’t want them to reduce their call rates.



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