Buy iTunes Gift Cards in Bahrain

Buy iTunes Gift Cards in Bahrain

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Yes! You can get an iTunes Gift Cards in Bahrain. Recently I bought iPhone and want to install Whats app and some other applications. Whats app price is $0.99 even I can’t jailbreak my iPhone because after Jailbreaking I can’t claim warranty. So I decide to Buy an iTunes Gift card in Bahrain. I visited Apples premium Reseller they are also out of stock. After a lot of search I found 1 shop in Riffa selling iTunes Gift Cards. I want to mention that shop which is really benefit for Readers of Because buying an iTunes card in Bahrain is  like finding a diamond in a sea. There is different amount of iTunes Card in Bahrain with different prices. I choosed $15 card which cost me 7.5 BD. Below I m mentioning the prices in Bahraini Dinar for iTunes Gift Card.

BD 10 Only

7.5 Bahraini Dinar Only


11.5 Bahraini Dinar Only


21 Bahraini Dinar Only


40 Bahraini Dinar Only

$10 iTunes Gift Card for BD 5.5 Only

$15 iTunes Gift Card for BD 7.5 Only

$25 iTunes Gift Card for BD 11.5 Only

$50 iTunes Gift Card for BD 21 Only

$100 iTunes Gift Card for BD 40 Only

All these above cards are only for US store.

Free Home Delivery anywhere in Bahrain

Note: – UK store cards also available with them but I don’t know the prices.

Shop Address to buy iTunes Gift Cards

Al Raban Phones

In Front of Kabana Restaurent, Near Batelco, Riffa Mobile Market, Block 903, East Riffa, The Kingdom of Bahrain.


Whats app / Call  +973-3306-7704

Down you can share your experience & ask any question using comment box.



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  1. Mohammed Jaffar says:

    I m going to to pick up $100 card from that shop :P… They got a stock for it.

    I will share my experience for sure.

  2. Mohammed Jaffar says:

    Sorry for the late update i bought $100 which works perfectly.. Yesterday i bought 1 for my friend too.

    Nice guys…

  3. stylo says:

    Thanks for your Reply 🙂

  4. Hussain says:

    Do you have $100 in stock?

  5. stylo says:

    Contact Whats app ID = +973-3306-7704 Confirm that they have stock or not before you give a visit to shop.

  6. Mohammed says:

    Thanks For adding Information in your site. Our Website is also live @

  7. Hassan says:

    Yes i got 5 Cards of $100 😛

  8. Hani says:

    If we buy thie gift card and redeem it, will the US store will be open?

  9. Ali says:

    Go to the sadad machine & get itunes gift cards at cheap prices

  10. reb says:

    Do you also selling google card for android?

  11. Mohamed Zayed says:

    I need I Tunes gift card for Ps5 is it available and if I would like to send it to my kids in UAE Is it applicable?!

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