Digg Connected with Twitter, Google, Yahoo & Open ID – Announced by Digg CEO

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: News

Last week Digg (Social Networking site) CEO, Jay Adelson stated that “Digg team is struggling to rolled out over the upcoming weeks. As company announced in a one of major audition: Now users have ability to log in to digg.com using third-party services.

Digg is already supporting Facebook account, Digg will allow Twitter, Google, Yahoo or OpenID users to login through using their account. This is stated clearly in the picture given below:

Digg will add these services according to current users database. A Detail Graph is given below:

These additions Digg will increase the users of Digg.com, as mentioned in their blog post, using Facebook Connect they get 20% – 30% New users. So after supporting multiple accounts supposed to be doubled their users.



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