Drupal New version 7 near to release

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Drupal community has been released the alpha version of drupal 7.0. You can download Drupal 7.0 alpha 3.

Drupal founder Dries Buytaert said “ the new effort aims to expand the market for Drupal and make it easier for people to build sites.It’s a hosted version of Drupal and it’s also a managed service so people don’t have to worry about upgrading or security fixes. We take care of all of that.”

Users can find Drupal 7.0 totally different from Drupal 6.0. As said by Buytaert

“That ranges from design to new information architecture and navigation features.”

Drupal is open source content management system. You can develop website through drupal ranging from personal website to large community driven websites. Content management system s actually ready stuff for people who are not familiar with the technical knowledge of html or other things related to upload files. It really makes the publication of web contents easy. As it is very user friendly so through navigations admin can easily store, control, revise, and publish web contents.

Buytaert said it will be ready for users when bugs become zero.

“That’s really a community effort and hard to predict but I hope Drupal 7 will be ready in Q2 of this year.” Buytaert said

Drupal team expects that Drupal 7 will be finished by June 2010

At the right time Drupal 7.0 is buggy CMS that contains 114 critical bugs.



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