Enjoy your Mobile Phone as a 3G Wi-Fi Router

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: How to

Wi Fi helps you to give flavor to your network that gives you an important edge in your business. Using mobile phone as a wifi router is little shocking to hear but its possible by Joikuspot software. Its premium edition offer VPN by which you will surely get connected with your home or office when you are on move.

To enable your Mobile phone to work as Wi-fi Router & Share internets to others even use it in your office. For all this you just need to install software into your mobile which is called JOIKUSPOT. Make sure your mobile have Wi-fi enable with multi high speed plan. JoikuSpot turns your mobile phone into Wi-Fi station. You can connect your mobile to your laptop or computer without using Bluetooth, USB or Cable. JoikuSpot software is installed directly to the phone. When switched on, laptops and iPods can establish instant Wifi connection using phone’s 3G internet connection. Multiple devices can connect to JoikuSpot in parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internet connection. Make sure your operator use normal internet access point.

JoikuSpot Light is a free limited edition in 30 lanuguages, which is available here to download free. You can also mention your phone number we will send you on your phone.



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