Facebook Grouping Friends into Smart List

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Social Networks

Facebook automatically applying the new feature called smart lists. List will automatically show the bunch of three groups.

  • Peoples who work/worked with you
  • Yours School/College/University Mates
  • Peoples who live within 50 miles near to you

Facebook Smart List

So you’ve more than 450 friends at Facebook. 50 of them you really interact with. You went to School with Stylo, Abdullah & Abdul Rehman. You did a work with Stephen and working with Jhon T and Usman Saleh lives Nearby you Flat. Facebook have all data. Until this it’s really not go out!

Facebook is collecting users and certain groups into pre-packed package called smartlist. As Google Plus Do!

The third option is pretty cool. For finding a bar buddies around you will be easy or if we’re going for more practical stuff here, blasting out the cliche “Oh my God! Earthquake! Did anyone else feel that!” updates without sending it out to people who are on the other side of the world and obviously didn’t feel that.)

Here i have Created a Quick short Video Hope you guys like.

This facebook move is pretty appreciated which try to fulfill the need of Google Plus circles.




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