Filtering Internet for the Nobel Peace Prize

Written by Wafa Mohammed

Topics: Internet, News

On 10th March, 2010 BBC News Network announced that the Internet has become a formal candidate, to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year 2010.

As quoted on the BBC website, the idea has been confirmed by the Organization of the Nobel nomination to the Nobel Prize for Peace this year from among the 237 people organization.

Before Internet was nominated for the award through the Internet Italian version of Wired magazine through electronic discussions and dialogues in the magazine.

Geir Lundestad director of the Nobel network told BBC that they are in the organization had received thousands of requests, some of which candidate was nominated by one person and some by the dozens and the other by the hundreds as the number of candidates this year to 237 people and organization, while last year was only 205.

Filtering has received support from the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for Iran’s Shirin Ebadi, the great provider of the laptop project is $100 Nicholas Negroponte.

Lundestad said that the announcement of the winner of this year will be October 8 It is not known so far will receive the award in the event won by the Internet.



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