How to clear tracks on Windows XP

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When we visit any website, buy something online, check email, catching up the latest world news, watching any video, viewing something private or doing chat, all theses information is store on our personal computer for future use .OS store all this stuff in Temporary Internet Files. Web pages also store information about visitors of that site with name called cookies on our computer, and browser store information about visited websites as history.

So all these material provide information about our action on computer. If someone sell his computer without deleting theses information then other person can view all this information. You do not want everyone to know what u did on your computer. By deleting a lot of this material, we can not only increase privacy but also we can speed up our system. Because Cookies, temp files, temporary internet files and browser history take so much space on hard disc.

There is variety of third party softwares that are used to delete information from computers without refreshing windows. We can also delete all these information without purchasing third party software.

You can follow theses instructions to make your computer nice and clean:

  • Right click on my computer.
  • Then go to the manage option under computer management.
  • Click the system tools.
  • Then Event Viewer.

Here you can find three different types of logs:

  1. Application
  2. Security
  3. System

To delete all information from your computer you have to delete all stuff under these three logs. We can also access these three log files through control panel with Windows application called “Event Viewer” by following theses steps.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Click the Control Panel menu item
  • In the Control Panel, double-click the Administrative Tools icon
  • Double click the Event Viewer icon



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  1. Alethia Evey says:

    holyy sh*t thanks

  2. Tariq says:

    Thanks a lot 😉

    Too Much easy way to clear tracks from windows xp

  3. wow deathknight gold farm places says:

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  4. tehreem says:

    its very easy ,but i m confused in ds step ,as u said

    Here you can find three different types of logs:

    but in my pc there r 4 blogs

    internet explorer

    should i delete all these 4 blocks ?n by deletng ds all da stuf will b deleted like photos ,songs etc ????

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