How to use Google WAVE – Top 10 Tips

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Technology

Today, I was in mood i login to Google! Wave, i noticed many tips that i have not noticed before. Check that tricks out. If you are not a Google! Wave member yet, you can request an invetation. Here are these tips.

  • Double Click

Just Double Click! on the wave and edit/reply any part of wave.

  • Space Bar

Easily Move your unread message in a wave just pressing Space Bar!

  • Open Multiple waves

To open more then one wave hold “Ctrl” & Click on the wave in a search panel.

  • Follow Wave

Click on Follow, If you want to get in your inbox!

  • G+ Gadget

Click on that G+ Gadget on the editing toolbar, to add a Image, Video or a link!

  • Link to another Wave

Make a link to another wave by dragging it over from the search panel while you are editing.

  • Profile Editting!

Change your Avator image to your own Display picture by just click on your name.

  • Publicize your Wave!

Spread your wave to the whole world. Add to your contacts, then to the wave.

If i missed any tip about Wave! please Mention it on Comment!



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