Los Angles – USA Students Abused comment on Harward’s Web

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Harward is a 16 year old guy studying in a Westlake High School Los Angles, USA. He created a website to promote his career for professional singing and acting.

There has been revolution with the discovery of his website, 5 guys started to harass him and commenting abuse on his website threads/Topics. The group of students went to beat the Harward, and said “If you happen to have met and we will crush your head.” And prompted threats and comments the student’s family to stop the website and contact the security authorities, which concluded its investigation to the fact that these comments did not warrant criminal prosecution.

Harward’s father filed a lawsuit against six of the students & their parents, charged with committing crimes and defamation.

Court of Appeal ruled that the “e-bullying” does not fall under freedom of expression, that the rights enshrined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee them protection from the law.

Harward’s father said the defense team that “he would file petition in California Supreme Court.
The case comes the first week after publication of the report pointed out that the unregulated nature of the web helped promote the spread of the phenomenon of “hate the Internet”, which rose by 20 per cent from last year.



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  1. joel says:

    i hope they guys will get punished by Los angeles police or if not so then punished by supreme court of calefornia as stated in above article.

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