Lowest International Call Rates Calling Card in Bahrain

Lowest International Call Rates Calling Card in Bahrain

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Calling Card

Are you in Hunt of Lowest Calling Card?

Do you want clear Voice Quality?

You’ll find B4Bahrain the Lowest rates with Highest voice quality. By this calling card you can use your internet enabled computer/Laptop to call internationally at cheapest rates.

You’ll Get those minutes in 1 BD Card

Pakistan 60 Minutes

India 210 Minutes

Bangladesh 105 Minutes.

Rates in Fills

Pakistan  16.66 Fills/Minute

India 4.75 Fills/Minute

Bangladesh 9.5 Fills/Minute


Comment below if you know any other calling card which gives you thaaaaaaaaaaaat much minutes.

Now you can talk your love ones Miles away at very affordable calling rates.

No Scam! Check your Call History

Yeah! You can also check your call history rather they have stolen any single minute or not.


Card Back Side

Using this Card is simple as 123

1.     Download Dialer & install dialer


2.     Logged in with your User ID & Password.

3.     Dial Your Number & make cheapest Calls.

Dialer Preview

After Successfully log in this screen will appear! Dial desired number & click on call!

More Information can be found on there official website




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  1. Shane says:

    That is nice calling card. I will give it a try..

  2. tehreem says:

    its a very nice card ….

  3. What about the other countries?

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  5. faiz says:

    Salam sir , please Pakistan calling rates are to be equal to India.

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