Major Electronics companies & cooperates to launch the “Google TV”

Major Electronics companies & cooperates to launch the “Google TV”

Written by Wafa Mohammed

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Google! famous search engine is developed a new program that holds the best Internet content to television, where the company will cooperate with the “Intel” America is specialized in producing computer chips and “Sony” Japanese specialized in electronic devices, to develop a system that would be named ” Television Google “and fashioned a model that allows users to browse the Internet through television sets ;).

Some believe that the new system runs operating system “Android” for mobile smart “Google” and is used chip “Atom” private company “Intel”, as rumors that the company had already begun experimenting with new technology related to the system through one of the satellite channels.

In the Famous News paper “The Times” stated that British and other companies in recent years, especially the “Apple” America has tried to develop systems that allow users to access the Internet through television sets, and they can also download movies and TV programs and so on.

They also predicted the report of the newspaper “New York Times” the American said to integrate a “Google” with the new television sets and other devices such as “CD player” “Blu – Ray,” to allow users to also access to social networking sites and watch the “YouTube” to share and exchange video clips, as well as the possibility of using online games.

Was quoted by “The Times” a source close to the project saying that “Google is working on the development of several months ago, does not intend to any company with the participation of public comment, and added that the company wants to be anywhere Internet access to be able to place ads there.

Google is already in several sectors including telecommunications and publishing, but the largest percentage of its profits come from ads based on search services.



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