McAfee Antivirus updates version number 5958 had a Bug which Reboot the Machines

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Technology

McAfee releases its latest DAT updates on 21ist April for corporate customers. But this updates causing big problem all around the world for PCs using windows XP service pack 3. The problem occurs with 5958 DAT file which includes Svchost.exe file which starts bunch of problem for PCs. The systems affected by this updates enter into a reboot loop and also lost the network connection. So do not update your McAfee antivirus software to version 5958.

At the moment only corporate sector has been affected by this updates not regular users. As taking preventing measures, McAfee have already removed this DAT file from their servers. It is advised to McAfee customers to check whether your McAfee server has downloaded that file on your machine or not. If yes then it might be wise decision to delete it to protect all clients on your network.

McAfee released another update to fix the problem and urged customers to download it. McAfee also posted its own knowledgebase page with detail about the problem and its solution.  You can visit that post through the following address:

This is very bad news for McAfee and it is not for first time in 2009 McAfee software came with the Conficker worm. As McAfee provides security to PCs, so its makes you wonder how its s/w come with virus. McAfee antivirus update actually caused computer problems instead of preventing them.



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