Mena Telecom Opens Outlet in Muharraq, Bahrain

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Mena Telecom, the second largest broadband provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain with over 43,000 subscribers, announced the opening of its Muharraq outlet. “With a view to bringing its services and interaction channels closer to customers around the Kingdom,

Mena Telecom opened its state-of-the-art retail branch in Muharraq, extending its reach to one of the most densely populated areas in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” the company in a statement said. “Strategically located near the main square in Muharraq, the new outlet has quickly grown to become one of the busiest of Mena Telecom branches,”

Abdulhakeem Al Khayyat, CEO and managing director of Kuwait Finance House Bahrain (KFHB) and chairman of Mena Telecom, opened the branch in the presence of senior manager of Mena Telecom. “Mena Telecom has come a long way since launching its WiMAX service just over a year ago. As we inaugurate our latest branch in Muharraq, we are ensuring that Mena Telecom’s world-class telecommunications services become accessible to more and more customers every day,” said Al Khayyat. “This is a very proud moment for Mena Telecom, we’ve successfully expanded our reach throughout the Kingdom and we’ve taken a huge leap forward in offering our customers easy access to our branches and continued growth and accessibility to our services no matter where they reside on the island while showing our commitment to provide the best broadband experience to customers in Bahrain,”

“Mena Telecom is committed to being one of the market leaders in the telecom sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but given the huge strides it has taken during the past few years, and the development of the latest WiMAX solution in partnership with Motorola, it appears that Mena is making a mark on a global scale as well,” said Abdul Razak Jawahery, executive manager KFH-B, who is also vice chairman and managing director of Mena Telecom. Mena telecom is an investment subsidiary of KFH-B and the first company in the World to launch a nationwide WiMAX 802.16e end-to-end network.



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