Menatelecom Bahrain Internet Down or Disconnect

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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As before I posted Menatelecom the Best Broadband Service provider in the Kingdom, after time by time I get know about their regular disconnectivity especially at night hours. The time duration is about 3 to 5 hours. Every time I call to Menatelecom Customer care 17200195 or 07770 at when my internet down they replied “We’re maintaining the tower, our network specialist are working and it will be solve within a hour. But its minimum time to connect is 3 hour and maximum 8 hours. Menatelecom providing internet service in Bahrain through Motorola WiMax Device. I have also seen this problem in U.A.E when I was using same device with another internet provider. This device WiMax technology always create problem in internet. But Menatelecom can’t solve issue at there first attempt. They have to solve as soon as possible, but unfortunately their team reach after 3 hours. This is the biggest black point of Menatelecom I have feel.



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  1. Elyas Kashfi says:

    I usually get a message before Menatelecom perform maintenance. I agree that it has been excessive lately. I wished they could add their outage schedule somewhere in their website: either publicly or inside the customer portal.

    Hopefully it will be less of an occurrence once they get these upgrades complete…

  2. stylo says:

    I have seen many other WiMax Technology provider in other countries. They also have same problem.. Too Much Downtime.

  3. narender says:

    iam facing somuch problem with mena telecom if i want to change also i cant change because i already paid the device payment. iam using with hating service….

    • sTyLo says:

      @narender, If you have been paid all amount for the CPE Motorolla/Menatelecom Device you can change easily your internet service.

      Last time i call Menatelecom before 2 days agay.. When there was internet Down. Their Customer Care Agent Named call Rashid told me that its last time and in the future you’ll never get downtime. Also he said service will be available at 6:00 AM but i get service at 4:48 AM. Lets see when it go down again.

      Narender you want to change your service provider but others are also not best/perfect.

  4. vino says:

    I have got the WIMAX connection from Menatelecom,They say there is maintenance,but maintenance exists for a full month in a month…!!!! It is completely like a dial up connection …. WASTE of MONEY.////

  5. Muazim says:

    yes my device sometimes signal not working sometimes net was very slow

  6. Rayees says:

    Yes, i feel it they silently make trouble on minatelicom users ( now no more Mina telecom , its owned by stc) after few years all users will quit minatelicom.
    If no users, Easily can shoutdown mina without any issues .

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