Nokia Filed a suite Against Apple Inc,

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Finnish cell phone maker Nokia Corp. said yesterday that it has extended its patent fragment claims against Apple Inc. to include the new iPad. The latest complaint, filed in US District Court in Madison, Wisconsin, follows other lawsuits by okia claiming that a broad swath of Apple products violates Nokia patents. Nokia says the disputed technologies help reduce the size and cost of electronic gadgets.

Lawsuits over patent rights are common in the technology industry. They can take years to resolve and often end with some kind of licensing agreement.

Apple itself has sued Taiwan’s HTC Corp., one of the leading producers of cell phones that run on Google Inc.’s Android software, a potential challenger to Apple’s popular iPhone. Apple says HTC’s Android phones violate iPhone patents.

The legal disputes come amid increasing competition in the fast-growing market for smart phones. Tech companies are scrambling to win over the growing number of consumers buying cell phones that come with e-mail, Web surfing and scores of apps for checking the weather, updating Facebook and other tasks. Nokia is the world’s biggest cell phone maker, though it is more dominant in Asia and Europe.



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  1. Nokia has been broke since the release of imachines.

    It used to be the top notch, they need to get something that challenges the i machines.

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