Number Portability in Bahrain Available, Keep your Number Change your Network

Number Portability in Bahrain Available, Keep your Number Change your Network

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Bahrain Telecommuncations Regulatory Authority (TRA) officially announced that Mobile Number Portability will be available for the Mobile phone subscribers from 17th of July 2011 & for fixed line consumers it will be available from mid of September 2011.

Now you have freedom of your choice, keep your number and choose the network of your choice, Batelco, Viva, Zain & others. Mobile Number portability allow Subscribers to change network with any telecom company in Bahrian.

This news came from the Systor Intchreurope Systems (Systor) an international company, they are chosen by TRA for configuring & implementing the system for Number Portability in Bahrain.

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) was going to announce it before but for checking & testing its service by Bahrain License Teleco companies & due to National events its delayed to July 2011. TRA’s ICT Director Ahmed Aldoseri Said.

“Systor is an internationally well reputed company & we’re please to working with them on a project of Number Portability” he added.

Systor has been selected from a group of international firms who submitted high quality proposals for the provision of the central system solution. The selection of Systor was made in accordance with the transparent and objective tendering procedures of TRA, which comprises an evaluation committee and a well-documented evaluation and review process.

“The Mobile Number portabitlity centeral system is a key to component of the process. TRA is implementing a system that will enable subscribers to change and port their numbers easily between any Licensed Operators.

The Central System maintain the authorative database of ported numbers and the metrics of all Licensed Operaotors involved in number portability. This is so That TRA may ensure that the Rights & responsibilities of all parties changed by number portability are upheld, Centeral System is a platform that co-ordinates the exchange of messages between telecom operators in The Kingdom of Bahrain in order to easily conduct number portability task for subscribers. This Centeral System also refer to as Bahrain Number Portability System (BNPS)

“We are glad to be part of the TRA project and to host the Number Portability system. This is viable strategically to most of the operators as they are already availing BIX services and can efficiently interconnect with the TRA system. This is in line with our vision to create a nodal Internet Exchange for providing internet services and peering facility between the licensed operators in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” Mohamed Al-Thawadi, Executive Director of BIX, said.

The Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) hosted the Number portability Central System. Which give a access to all the Licensed operators in Bahrian.


For More Information regarding Bahrain Number Portability Implementation

Routing and charging specification

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Once a Centeral System Implemented The Mobile Users can change their Mobile Number to any Network in The Kingdom of Bahrian.



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