Pakistan Supreme Court Website Hacked By Zombie

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Pakistan Supreme Court Site has been Hacked by Last Night 27, September, 2011. There might be a security whole into Pakistan Supreme Court Website. is the Hacker group based in Saudia and Pakistan. Zombie is the bright name in the world of Hacking. Zombie also hacked PTA & many other government websites.

Pakistani Group want to blocked all porn Websites in Pakistan.

The Supreme Court website is still not recovered.

Message is still lying at

The Message Leaved by Zombie named hacker is given below.


[!] Struck By Zombie_Ksa

The Notorious Zombie_Ksa is Back

You Must have Heard about me on, news, headlines, Gov. charges, blogs, blah blah

YES, Pakistan Supreme Court got STAMPED by Zombie_Ksa.

What i can see, I Guess, Supreme Court of Pakistan is in Wrong, Untalented Hands !!

Well Why Did I Choose Supreme Court of Pakistan for HaCkinG ?

Just tO Convey my Message tO Mr Chief So Called Justice Of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry…

Mr Chief hello0 😀 !! Hope So yO Enjoying your full time Luxurious Life.. 😀 aint u? O.o
So I am here tO request you to go 0ut there and help the poor,needy and hungry.
They Dont have money to Eat one time Meal
They dont Have Clothes to wear
They dont have Accommodation !!

Sitting 0n y0ur r0yal chair w0nt make any changes to 0ur Pakistan

Baby m here tO Tell this mofo World that We are Pakistan ….Not Pornistan… & Sir i need ur help.. Since u have powefull balls and i request you to take action to ban porn sites in Pakistan. Read it again I request you to BAN Pornographic sites in PAKISTAN… PTA is paid whore… they dont give a damn shit about our complains… They can BAN Porn sites… ANd if they dont WTF they are paid for? Mr CJ m again requesting you to take somoto action against PTA. If you dont then i myself will… I will Roast PTA’s Asses like I raped FIA… & If they cant or they wont then InshALLAH I will raise the 1337 gr33n flag high and ll Hack PTA like i hacked bef0re =) …


@Webmaster:Mr.Malik Sohail Ahmad The data is intact, no harm done. The index file is only replaced with this message.Well Dude You Don’t Know Nothing !! Here in PAKISTAN who has Degree He Is Monster and you Idiot is Webmaster of Supreme Court of PAKISTAN ? Death to U !! Learn Some Serious Shit Insane !!>

We are L33t Pakistani H4x0rZ,


we are PAKbugs, We keep it real:
Greetz: Zombie_Ksa | spo0feR | xOOmxOOm | Cyber-Criminal | bh | Agd_Scorp | aB0 m0h4mM3d | The Moorish | Shadow008 |







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  1. abdullah says:

    What a waste of time to hack into the SC website. Pakistan has already raised the concern to the US govt. What extra mileage will these guys achieve from this stunt?

  2. Zaheer says:

    This incident was done back in September. I don’t understand what these hackers gain spending their valuable time in hacking useless sites just for fun.

  3. Iftekhar says:

    Two boys arrested for hacking SC website
    By Iftikhar A. Khan
    Wednesday, 27 Oct, 2010

    ISLAMABAD, Oct 26: Two teenagers accused of hacking the Supreme Court’s website have told investigators that they had been consulted for the purpose by a cyber criminal based in India.

    Informed sources told Dawn on Tuesday that the boys who hacked the website last month had been arrested in Kohat after they were traced using advanced technology. They said it was disturbing that the crime had been committed in collusion with an Indian national.

    The hackers had not only defaced scales which make out the insignia of the court by filling both the sides with currency notes, but also inserted derogatory and abusive remarks against the judiciary after hacking the website in the night of Sept 29.

    The matter was reported by the Supreme Court’s information technology section to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on behalf of the registrar. The PTA forwarded the report to the Federal Investigation Agency following which NR3C (Cyber Crime Wing) of the FIA swung into action and finally traced Saim Ali Shahand and Salal Ali Shah, members of the self-proclaimed Cyber Army and Pak Bugs, and arrested them.

    Interestingly, they were also involved in the recent hacking of NR3C website. The cyber crimes have been on the rise in the country since the lapse of cyber crime ordinance about a year ago and there are no signs of its re- promulgation in the near future. Most criminals go unpunished taking advantage of the absence of the law.

    BAIL REJECTED: Additional Sessions Judge Rawalpindi Tanvir Akbar has rejected a bail plea of the two hackers.

    The sources said the concession of bail was not granted by the judge considering the magnitude of the crime. They said the counsel for the accused could not produce documentary evidence in support of the claim that they were minors and under the juvenile justice system could not be kept behind the bars.

    The only argument the counsel had advanced was that action against his clients was mala fide.

    But Tariq Bilal, the legal adviser to the Cyber Crime Wing, said the FIA had no animosity with the accused and they had been arrested only after collecting substantial evidence against them.


  4. How were they able to do that?

    I assume gov sites should have enough security?

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