Pakistan VOIP Call Rates Increase/Double from 1st July.

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: VOIP

Today at 1st July 2010, there was a big slashed about the pricing of Voip calling rate to Pakistan, its because of Pakistan Government Tariff Policy. They increased the tax rate on incoming from all over the world. But still some company’s major mobile companies are offering same rates as before and rare voip companies rate chart is same as before may be there is no update on their website & some of voip reseller didn’t know about this increment of price. There is a number of Pakistanis who live in overseas want to call their love ones, but its price slam may decrease the amount of calls, especially in foreign countries there are shop with voip setup to call through handset & also there is a number of voip users which are using PC2Phone Application for calling. Lets see may be this price will be decrease in the near future.

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