Responsibilities of Graphics Designer

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Webmaster

A graphics designer covey’s message or information via visual solutions that promote or enhance a product, ideology or entity. Graphics designer is a professional term for a set of skills that can be applied to almost all fields. A good graphics designer must be creative and has strong interpersonal skills and have ability to learn new electronic media packages easily.

Graphics designer work with a variety of materials, including animations, sound , image , illustration and have also have ability to play with colors. The first step of any project is to understand the user requirement which will help the designer in the project and it is also important to satisfy the user.

The designer must also consider the social and cultural consideration into account. The process normally starts with the paper work or electronic sketch of the layout followed by mockup. A mockup is a experimental model but don’t have ability to covey the proper message.

In small business, graphic designer might be limited to designing logos, flyers, informational pamphlets and advertisements.

Another type of graphics designer known as a webmaster designs websites. This position requires knowledge of scripting languages and an active interest in the up to date of the web design technologies. In the film industry the graphic designer is responsible for producing opening and closing credits. The position also requires specialized knowledge of industry software packages. Newspapers and magazines also employ graphics artists to design their publications.

In the context of the job s with web designing the need for graphic designer is commonly entry level position, but in an associate’s degree might also be acceptable. In highly technical fields experience might supersede educational requirements and in all cases a portfolio weights heavily in the job hiring process.



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