SanDisk Successfully Launched in The Kingdom of Bahrain

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Technology

The world’s Top USB Flash Drive Manufacturing Company SanDisk cooperation entered in Bahrain and make agreement with Internation Agencies Co Ltd.

Bahrain population is almost 1.1 Million peoples but the Mobile phone user base was forecast to cross 1.5 Mission by the end of 2009 Year.

SanDisk Products SanDisk Products Include Flash Memory cards for Digital Camera & Camcorders, Digital Audo/Video Players, USB Flash Drive, embedded memory for Mobile Phones & a secure Drive for Computers.

SanDisk total sale will be increased 12 percent annually & reach to BD 36.3 Billion in the year 2015.

This Device is Design and manufactured by a American Multi Nationational Corportaion which is founded on 1988. In December 2009 its market capitalization was 6.5 Billion Dollars.



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