Setting up Facebook Video Call with Friends

Setting up Facebook Video Call with Friends

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Facebook Video Calling

Facebook Finally enabled Video Calling feature which is powered by Skype Inc, You can make video Calls with your Facebook friends while using Facebook. Now you can not only chat with your friends you can see your friends moving live. That is really a rich Facebook feature.

This is official Facebook video



Facebook Video Call setting.

Facebook Navigation is little difficult but setting up video calling is really easy.

Video Caling with Friends

  • Visit your Friends Profile, on the right corner you will see Call Option, You can also click while on the Chat box while chatting with friends.
  • Wait for your friend to answer your call and be patient while both cams inter connect.
  • If your friend unable to answer your call, You will be prompt to leave Video Message similar to Voice Mail.

You can also utilize this option without having web cam, while your friend will still able to hear your voice but he/she will not see your video.

UPDATE:- Facebook engineer Philip Su has just published some noteson how the team built the feature.

He writes that Facebook is using different techniques to install the Skype plugin depending on what browser you’re using to help streamline the experience:

Installation Flows for Each Browser and OS
To make installation as easy as possible, we specifically customized the installation flow for each OS and browser combination. For instance, on Mac browsers with Java enabled, the installer is hosted entirely within the browser so that no additional clicks are required. We use a small bootstrap EXE in Windows browsers to minimize the initial download time and to manage installation permissions as seamlessly as possible. We also put the entire installation flow inline with the feature itself, instead of requiring a separate download and installation page, so that your call automatically continues once installation completes.

Also very cool: Facebook users are using Skype’s service anonymously.

Protecting User Identity
To ensure that you can make a call without needing a separate Skype account, Facebook connects to Skype’s secure REST APIs using encrypted user IDs to set up the necessary credentials. This opens up the possibility of video calling to users who might never have used Skype before, and makes the overall calling experience much simpler for everyone. While it would have been easier to give user IDs directly to Skype, we instead went to great lengths to make sure users are protected and anonymous on Skype’s service.



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