How to Far away from virus or protect windows simple method

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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In this tutorial I’m going to tell you how to protect windows for long time, by this method you’ll not get virus in your computer soon as before you are getting virus within 1 or 2 months. This is not a advance method but this method is used by all advance computer users & almost all of them learn that method after many experience including me. In my opinion this method is very helpful for computer beginner users. So let’s start step by step.

Backup your computer/laptop C: drive Data:-

First of all you need to do is move all data in your Drive D: or any other drive. For example Desktop (all users), My Document & local drive C: copy all important data because you’re going to Format/Delete your Drive C: and then restart your computer/laptop.

Boot and install Windows operating system:-

Book your system with CD or DVD room and insert windows CD. Run the Windows setup during windows setup you will be asked by computer for partition then format your Local Drive C: and install windows on C drive again.

Major Step after installing windows:-

Now you successfully installed your Microsoft Windows in your system, the most important step don’t’ open any other drive and Install Anti Virus, Avira Free Anti Virus (Recommended) connect your system with internet and update your anti virus, update mean the anti virus will understand more viruses which are in your virus software database have in list.

Scan your full Computer:-

Now use your anti virus program to scan your full computer, it will detect virus and then remove/repair.

Install software:-

Install the softwares which you need normally. Don’t install any program which is un authorized or uninstall that kind of programs if you think it will harm your computer.

Logic Behind this Method:-

Normally virus come to your computer due to data transfer but the anti virus block virus for coming into your computer. Then viruses run in your windows process and slow down your computer and disturb windows. By this method your windows will stay clean as much time you keep anti virus enable/active, because most of peoples I see who install windows on weekly or monthly basis they just did the minor mistake they install windows and then directly go to drive D: or any other drive then virus access to windows files and destroy/disturb windows file. So before accessing virus just install anti virus which will work as a firewall for your windows and scan computer, then anti virus program will not allow any virus to disturb any windows files or process. I hope you like that simple method. In the future you’ll understand how cool that method work for youJ. Cheers

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