Stylo Prime Number Calculator

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Prime Number Calculator is my first php script to be posted on my blog at free of cost; I design to use this script to one my client website for calculating prime numbers. I named this script “Stylo Prime Number Calculator” there is many other scripts for calculating prime numbers but the thing I made is simple but in better way, it has only one file named prime. And the reason for posting this script here is to be available for everyone to be download at free of cost.

Version: – Stylo Prime Number Calculator 0.1

Dated: – 15th of July 2010.





This script will work on any server which support PHP 4 or 5.


Extract the downloaded Archive file into your Computer you should get the folder name Prime, Upload the prime.php to your home directory or any directory from where you want to run this script.


As I stated before this script is specially design for simple and fast process, its not connected with any database, no installation required at all. If you have uploaded the prime.php file then just use the code given below to include the stylo prime number calculator.

<? include(“./prime.php”); ?>

Or link to the file.


This simple script didn’t use css style so it is not possible to change the style.


This software is developed and copyrighted by StyloSoft

Term of Use:-

This script may be used free for personal use. The copyright MUST remain.





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  1. Jhon Albert says:

    Downloaded its very easy script easily i customized with in 5 mint nd embedded in my client site

  2. Allan says:

    hey stylo you done a good job really really really appreciated. you dont know what you did, you will be successful developer in the near future

  3. good job now! says:

    good job now!

  4. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

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