United States Plans to Launch (Super Speed) Broadband Internet

Written by Wafa Mohammed

Topics: News, Technology

At the weekend FCC Federal Communication Commission U.S plans to introduced (Super Speed) Internet service to their citizens in the year 2020.
FCC have sent the plan to Congress of ratification (360 pages), Congress will research on it for the possibilities of new techniques, then afterward they will allow sponsors to apply some parts of proposed plan.

According to UNHCR, the United States one-third of the homes, inhabited by about 100 million, did not get the service pack integrated Internet broad spectrum of broadband.

By the UNHCR, The U.S 1/3 of homes, inhabited by around 100 Million, did’nt have Internet Brodband
The Plan contains two hundred recommendations for the bodies and other governmental institutions, like the Office of the Federal Trade and the Ministry of National Security.

It is twenty-century atheist and the base of economic growth, to provide good jobs for a happy life.

Speed of that plan is round about 4 MB to 100 MB per second approximately. The estimated cost of the plan and 350 Billion US $ is one of the obstacles in the plan, which will examine ways to finance the project.



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