Viva Bahrain Free International Roaming

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Before a Week ago one of my friend go to Syria from Bahrain by Road on Bus, he have Viva sim activated on his Mobile, First he went to Saudi Arabia, I tried to call him and the call was free at free hours, when he reach to Jordan the call was free Viva is working same as Bahrain, So its mean viva offer free roaming in 200 countries, most of Pakistani, Indian & Bangladeshi peoples are posting VIVA sim card to their countries for free calling because these 3 countries are also included in the free list of VIVA Roaming. Its very amazing offer that peoples are making free call to Pakistan, India, Saudia, Jordan, Bangladesh & many other countries, Viva haven’t mentioned that free roaming in their official website & also on any other advertisement but now most of people calling through using viva, and guessing when this package will end up, the calls are free because of VIVA mistake or the technology VIVA telecom Using is the free route for free roaming.

I tried to call viva customer care centre but the call centre agent girl said to me that “There is no such kind of promotion/offer/service we’re offering you’ll charge international call rates & the viva Subscriber in other country should pay roaming” and also she told me that the international subscriber will be charged oh ahhh how they will charge later they should tell them first. The last word of customer agent was little funny so I end the call. So these words prove that viva have some kind of minor mistake in their network billing system they’re going on loss because I see the large number of peoples making free call internationally, even peoples from other destinations are calling in Bahrain at free of cost, viva free international calls or free roaming arrive in public like surprise and the number of this viva service users are increasing day by day & most of people sending sim to their relatives in other countries.

Have Nice “Free Callings” 🙂



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  1. Anonymous says:

    good work

  2. omer says:

    Viva to viva free international dialing problem is solved now this trick is not working.

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