Viva Bahrain Introducing Tablets like iPad, Galaxy Tab, Android Tab etc

Viva Bahrain Introducing Tablets like iPad, Galaxy Tab, Android Tab etc

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Recently Batelco & Zain Bahrain Telecom were making a lot of sales lead and got attracted many new subscribers by offering Tablets, iPad, Galaxy Tab & other Android 2.0 Tablets. Viva Bahrain stay silent when people go crazy for the Tablets specially for iPad. So far Viva Telecom Bahrain Finally decided to Launch the tablet in Bahrain. I’ve seen many of there advertisement sign boards, facebook page status & i confirmed by calling viva help line at 107.

There is very few people waiting for this viva offer, because already many tablet lovers got their tablets from Zain & Batelco. So viva will get very few peoples.

Which Tablets?

The New iPad3 16Gb, 32GB & 64GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″

Plans Pricing:-

I am not sure what will be their plans for Tablets, but as per my experience, everytime viva launch a new smartphone or any device there plans are much higher in rates. Then slowly slowly they reduce the prices to gain more sales. At this time there is only few customers want a tablet from viva & some customers who’ll get from viva because of their fastest 3G service in Bahrain. Viva should come with the lowest plan prices to successfully gain targeted sales for this Tablet campaign.

We’ll update on as viva announce the plans for Tablets.  Stay Tuned



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