Viva Ramadan Broadband Package is limited to BD 20 & 30 Package

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Internet, Viva

In the start of Ramadan Karim, Viva Telecom Bahrain comes with Ramadan special promotion. In which you’ll avail two months free internet usage & free viva device on two years contract. In the contract you have to be remain there customer for the 2 years otherwise you have to pay BD 100 Plenty fee. More over there offer is not for all broadband packages, it is just limited to their BD 20 & 30 Packages. If you want to buy BD 10/Month package because you’ve only 4 GB monthly usage of internet so why you’ll go for BD 20 but in this sense you need to buy their USB Broadband device @ BD 42. After buying VIVA wireless device you’ll not get 2 months free broadband service because you’re not paying more then you getting internet. If you’ll buy the bandwidth which is more then your utility then you’ll get 2 months free internet with free viva device. But why? Why you’ll buy more bandwidth because you need 4 GB monthly. Do you wanna pay extra Money? They are just trying to make us fool, but Bahrain is the land of wisdom not a land of Poor folks. Viva comes in the Kingdom & we all peoples welcome it by supporting and getting their connection. Now VIVA telecom trying to make us fool it is not fair. It is not a good way to attract peoples for their broadband selling. Everybody know Internet is very cheap & all internet service providers in Bahrain earning 30x time more then its actual cost. One way Bahrain Government is trying to tell others & world that they are good in E-Services yes! We know Bahrain stands on No.6 in world E-Services. But how many peoples are its subscribers. How many daily visitors getting that E-Services Network in Bahrain? No body know about it. Why Bahrain E-Services are not normally used by everyone. Because everyone have not that much money to spend on internet connection or for filling their requirements & signing on contracts before getting Internet connection. Government of Bahrain and Bahrain Telecom Regulatory authority might be order them to reduce their prices. We’re in 21st century & counting data in GBs.



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