What will be the Viva Telecom Bahrain Next Packages?

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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As Viva started on 19th of March as a third Telcom Company in The Kingdom of Bahrain & Started its service on 4th March, 2010. Viva telecom offered a best promotional offer in the History of Kingdom but now it is near to end. “What will be the Viva Next Packages? Do you have any Idea about it? From our links we get know that viva telecom Managers are discussing about the new packages & in these discussion Batelco & Zain Employers are also participating for equality of rates on all companies. So it is sure that Viva Telecom Bahrain next packages will be almost same as other 2 telecom companies in The Kingdom of Bahrain. But Viva might be care about their existing customers who are living their lives in new style, they mostly connected with their friend & family while they are just far meters, so viva should be announce cheapest rates from Viva to Viva call or also they should offer a free sms or a monthly/daily subscription packages for sms text messages. So let’s see what will be the next viva packages.

Stylo: – Do you know viva Next Packages..?

Yeah I’m asking to you do you know anything about the viva new packages or any news about viva new package please feel free to spread with others using the comment feature.



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  1. ayesha says:

    thizz timee tooo late ,,,,,,????why????

  2. ayesha says:

    i called viva n day said that diz promotion will not last ,,,,,still will continue?????can i knww plzzz when it will last.????

  3. ayesha says:

    how cum possible i talked to dam n day said still it will not last day will inform us wen this promotion will last ,,,????did u talked to dam wht day were saying?????????????

  4. ayesha says:

    now njoying theee continue offers heheheheh,,,,

    • stylo says:

      @ayesha, It was gonna finish at 5th of September but due to Youth generation request they extend it to untill EID. After Eid 30 Fills per minute 😉

  5. ayesha says:

    hey stylo!!!!on 5th ?????how cum posible????yaar today iz 8????n r u sure 30 files,,,mite b thay will start again any other promotion ,,,docnfirm n let me knw plzz ….reply as soon ass u can:(:( :(:(:(:(

  6. ayesha says:

    ooh i got ,,,,but r u sure there will no other promotion ,,,,:(

  7. shani says:

    Viva is going to finish all packages… it is ordered by Bahrain Telecom Regulatory Authority

  8. ayesha says:

    hey stylo u mean there will sum hours free???

  9. ayesha says:

    shani…r u sure but i heard that there will b sum new promotion do let me knw plzz

  10. ayesha says:


  11. ayesha says:

    yaa!!!! even i call on 124 but day said that day will in4rm us,,,,

  12. ayesha says:

    hey i heard that viva iz going to finish the special rate from tomarow ??????can i knw plz cozz 124 call iz v busy ,,,,okzzz plz reply

  13. ayesha says:

    yar wht iz this now the new promotion iz 4rm 12 to morning 6 ufff i m having college…..i dont like this promotion …… do u like it ??????????????????????????????

    • stylo says:

      @ayesha, Well i don’t care about there midnight offer. Because i was not utilizing that one. But i really hate their 6 month duration about 90% off on International Call Rates.

  14. ayesha says:

    ooo,,,wht iz thiss i dont care about the rates but this iz not fair they should change the time………….i hate the time……12 to 6????ufffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!every one iz saying that this promotion iz not good!!!!!:(

  15. ayesha says:

    v can complain on which number????so dat i will complain to change the times!!!!!!!do let me knw the num plz 🙁

  16. ayesha says:

    oo then also dude wht iz this ….wel on weekends its free>??????reply sooooooonnnnnn

    • stylo says:

      @ayesha, Yes Ayesha on weekends Viva is Free as before. The New company named orange. Its China Mobile Company like. Zong in Pakistan, Orange in India & Iteselat in UAE

  17. ayesha says:

    hey!!thankx well i heard that this orange company will give 1 years fres calls!!!!!wht do u think?????

  18. ayesha says:

    ya ya !!!!u heard sumthing?????!!about orange sompany??????do let me knw plzzzzzz

  19. ayesha says:

    hey how r u??????!!!!!

  20. ayesha says:

    m gud…ya u r rite…i m no more addicted…any how i m leaving bahrain 4pakistan on 25…monday!!!!!wht abt u?????

  21. ayesha says:

    ooo….so u r 4rm pakistan..i c…..i m even going 4rm vaction…i will back after 2monthz…..!!!!!can i get ur id if u dont mind….!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    ok thanx ….ill add u nshalla,,,,coz i m bit busy coz shopping n all….
    have fun

  23. Anonymous says:

    hehehe…!!!nopes dude the thing iz that i m not using my id soo. datsy….ill add u sooon nshalla …:P

  24. Anonymous says:

    v busy????no reply????

  25. ayesha says:

    oohh…okzz well i m going today 2nite,,,,soo tc have fun wid priject + work heheheheh bye…

  26. Mr Khan says:

    Dear all,
    i want to know when Orange will be launch in Bahrain?

  27. Anonymous says:

    hi stylooooooooo…………i m 4rm pkistan how r u???how the work iz going!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    wht iz the update 4 vivs!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    wht the up news 4 orange company??????

    • sTyLo says:

      @, Orange is not yet launched due to rejection of license from TRA & they’re now planning to buy Zain Telecom & Viva is going same as before until they finished 6 months. Midnight to 8 am

  30. Anonymous says:

    hi can i knw plz wen the promotion will end!!???!?!?!?coz i dnno wen it started!!!!!!!!!!thanx

  31. Anonymous says:

    how ru ???
    whtz up????

    ya thanx … now gr8 promotion of msgs!!!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    hey whtz up????any update …………!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    why ????
    hummmm….v busy nowa daysss!!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    oopss!!!!so no time:(:(

  35. sTyLo says:

    if you’ve any special news to break… you’re free to contribute send me through contact page. http://stylosoft.com/contact

  36. Anonymous says:

    o ho i dont have ill if i will have i will send u okz!!!
    whts up????
    how iz every 1????

  37. sTyLo says:

    Hey Ayesha,

    Whats up?

    Hows Days…

    Anything New?

    Which Packages are you using now?

  38. anam javed says:

    hi…styloooo,,,,,hope going well..

    • sTyLo says:

      Yeah Everything is fine… Just Get Engaged with 1 Pagal 🙂

      Manay Chun Liya! Manay Chun Liya SaaaaaaaaaaaaaaNaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaM

  39. anam says:

    o nice!!!
    Ye hadsa kab paysh aya?

    • sTyLo says:

      Its not Hadsa….
      An engagement is a promise to marry…….. and also the period of time between proposal and marriage –——– which may be lengthy or trivial………. During this period, a couple is said to be affianced,

  40. anam says:

    amm,,,wo toe theek hai but keep in mind k engement ka period it lamha b nahi hona chai hai…………..hope u understood…..

  41. anam says:

    amm..hello..how are you?

  42. anam javed says:


  43. anam javed says:

    wrong password:(

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