Why Gamezer website Down completely!

Written by Wafa Mohammed

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Today, I tried to open Gamezer but it was not down, but server is up I can easily access all files of gamezer Index. Its very shocked to see that they removed all index files. There is just some files showing in that directory, although there users forum is also down. From last 10 days I noticed gamezer site disconnect some time while we are playing. Normally the traffic of gamezer.com is round about 9000 to 10000 users online at a time. Its flashed based website which offered Galadiator, Pool, Chess & Snooker. I hope they are working on it and the beta version of gamezer will be available soon. I know the gulf peoples are mad about playing Gamezer. I got Gamzer CEO’s personal cell Number but it is out of reach. Still thinking what happned to Gamezer. If you have any info about Gamezer feel free to comment.



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  1. crazylove says:

    I want to become a supervisor of the game

  2. Thats site has a lot of traffic no wonder.

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