Why you’ve to use Batelco as your service provider

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As you all know there are 3 big telecom operators in Bahrain. Batelco is the first telecom operator. Since Batelco is the major internet provider in Bahrain, they have a large number of client based.

There are so many fixed landlines by batelco and when it comes to on-net free calls, batelco offers free calls to both Batelco mobile and landline.


Batelco offers 1BD weekly package which include free calls to all batelco numbers, 4G LTE internet, Free 50 minutes to other networks & free international minutes this is what an average person need in a week for BD 1 only

Ease of Use

One of the best reason i personally like using batelco sim that it gives me so many choices to call specially landline numbers.


  1. Lets say if i have a plan to visit bank i simple google and get landline number for bank’s call center i call wait for 2 minutes to get my call connected and make sure the timing i am visiting the bank is open.
  2. If i have plan to buy food from any restaurant before i go i call their landline free of cost and place my order so i don’t have to wait for my order to get ready.
  3. Lets say i want to buy an iPhone, before going to any market i will google and get numbers for poplar sellers of iphone and make sure they have stock and get their prices.
  4. If i have to call my friend/family member while hes at office i would rather call his work phone to get me connected.
  5. If i need to get info about anything i.e. cinema movie, stock availability, any ministry, offices i can make free long calls on landline numbers.

Other network disadvantages

If i make calls as per above mention examples, i will be spending about 1 BD or more daily while the number of users compare to batelco is less. So with Batelco lets say i can call on 1 million numbers and using other network i have a choice to call half a million numbers.

Note:- This is my opinion different users needs vary, think twice before obtaining any service provider & always choose the one which suites you best.



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