Zain Bahrain Welcome Asian Workers to its wonderful world

Written by Mohammed Farooq

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After the success of a World Health Day check-up camp for over 600 workers of the Projects Construction camp in Sitra, Zain Bahrain has extended its Wonders campaign to other workers’ camps across the Kingdom. Coming up over the next two week-ends will be a Friday Entertainment Wonders show in the BRAM- CO workers camp in Askar & (On May 14 & 21 tribute by the Bharati Association to the many workers who join their Bahraini brothers to build the Kingdom which Zain Bahrain will be supporting.

Both these Friday events will feature a lively music and dance programme and get the workers to participate in an interactive show that will include games and plenty of prizes and good food.  The May 21 programme takes place in the Indian School and Chief Guest will be Indian Ambassador Dr. George Joseph.

As Stated by Zain Corporate Communications Manager “Zain Bahrain believes that much of its success with the Asia community is because of the strong emotional connection we have with our customers,”

Samya Hussain, “Whether we work for their welfare through our CSR programmes or share their leisure activities with them, they are part of the wonderful world of Zain. These programmes and the many others which will follow are designed to reinforce Zain Bahrain’s presence in the lives of our Asian customers. ”As part of its Wonders for  Workers, Zain Bahrain will be reaching out to many more worker camps and groups with a sustained well-being and leisure initiative over the coming weeks.

“We are delighted that a telecoms company like Zain Bahrain should reveal its generous heart by supporting the efforts of our organization to reach the workers,” said Bharati Association president Mohammed Husain Malim.



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