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Written by Mohammed Farooq

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Today I went to a cellular shop for getting handset of my blackberry. The shop sales representative was busy with zain sales agent, he was offering him sim card on whole sale price 1.5 Bahraini Dinar. When sales representative of shop denied to buy sims cards from him he replied “Zain is going to introduce free calls from zain to zain very soon. When I come back to my home with my handset, I call to zain customer care centre at 107 and told the whole incident to call centre agent, he replied “we have no offer like this and may be we’ll offer in next 2 weeks or a month because not sure, but at the moment the most relevant offer is free 40 minutes from zain to zain. To get avail this ofer you need to call 40 minute in a month from zain to zain. Then write in sms B (Capital Letter) and send it to 6666. By lucky Draw if you will be selected as a winner then you will get free 40 minutes from zain to zain.

I don’t think zain telecom offer free calls like viva telecom offering, but its depend on viva up coming packages if viva offer some thing like on off-peak hourly package then there will be chances of Batelco telecommunication or Zain Telecom will offer that kind of packages but these are not totally free packages.

If you have any information about viva free call then feels free to share with us in comment.



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  1. Shajahan says:

    Is it possible to subscribe for it first or later after completing calls of 40 minutes to zain….

  2. Harjeet Singh says:

    i also got information something like this in my shop in riffa sharki

  3. Darien says:

    Kudos from one brainiac to another. 🙂

  4. I feel like I’m often looking for interesting things to read about a variety of niches, but I manage to include your site among my reads every day because you have honest entries that I look forward to. Here’s hoping there’s a lot more great material coming!

  5. Maryoom says:

    Zain is offering free phone from zain to zain but its for zain telephony free calls from zain telephone to zain telephone.

  6. omer says:

    Zain will never offer this free call, but zain offer 2900 free minutes from zain to zain.

  7. lenen says:


  8. sosyal medya says:

    Hi, would you please be so kind to show me how to add your rss feed to my feed reader, that would really help a lot, as i want to follow your blog, thanks so much./18.01.2011 15:38:19

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