Zainers enjoy water Wonders at Lost Paradise of Dilmun

Written by Mohammed Farooq

Topics: Zain

As the Zain Bahrain Wonders campaign hits its third week, Zainers will be invited to get wet and wild at the Lost Paradise of Dilmun (LPOD), Bahrain’s unique water park where fun rides and a Dive In movie await them.

All they have to do is dial *555# on their Zain phones to register and they will be chosen for a fun day of family values and some serious water games.

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun, with its giant historic murals and water chutes and slides, is all set to provide a splashing good time to Zainers who register themselves by sending *555# to Zain Bahrain. The telecoms giant will create an atmosphere of excitement and colour for Zainers.

“This is the third week-end of Zain Wonders fun and as word gets around in the community, we can see many more people coming forward to share the Wonder of their lives with us,” Corporate Communications Manager Samya Hussain said.

“On our part, we too are excited about sharing the Wonders of the Zain world with all Zainers.”

The programme will unfold in the local media with a series of weekly calendars that will list out the events of the week for Zainers to choose their activities from.

Watch your local newspapers, listen to the radio and track your SMS-es…you don’t want to miss the Wonders!



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